Software Marketing Tweetables 12 November 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

The DNA of Product Management

To succeed as a product manager: 1) Also wear project manager and CEO “hats” 2) Seek collaboration, not necessarily consensus 3) “Be willing to stand up for what you believe, especially when you’re representing your users.”

10 Examples of Awful Software Marketing

A popular post I wrote in 2011. Interesting, that “10 Examples of Great Software Marketing” gets much less attention.

The elements of product success

Long slide deck (over 100 slides) covers design-led product management.

Meet Mosaic – Birthday

Great example of product marketing. Tell a story that clearly explains the value and resonates emotionally.

Lessons Learned: Do a Bottom-Up Analysis

Market-sizing the dumb way “if we can just get 1% of [some massive number]”. Instead test how many you can sell locally to your target audience, and scale up conservatively.

5 Articles on Startups

The Major Lean Startup Mistake You’re Probably Making

What should you build next? Don’t just build hard stuff. Don’t just build easy stuff. Instead use Customer Development to find what “stuff” is right to sell your software.

First, seek to understand.

We all believe that specialists in other disciplines under-value our speciality, because they don’t realize how important it is when done well. We tend to be too dismissive: designers just “draw pictures”, marketers just “talk a lot of hot air”, developers just “write code”… We can learn much more by understanding other disciplines. LeanCamp is great example mixing together UX, developers, designers, and startup entrepreneurs.

10 Steps to Product/Market Fit

Ash Maurya has great advice on how to apply Lean Startup theory in practice. The delivery in this video is a little dry, but it is a very explanation of the steps a startup needs to reach the elusive product/market fit.

What Goes Wrong

Startup successes attract far more attention, but the reality is that most end up failing as an economic venture. Every startup faces countless problems, but the main “fatal” ones are co-founder disputes, lack of focus / determination, and of course building products customers don’t want to buy.

Should Your Startup Go Freemium?

Freemium is a valuable marketing / growth strategy for many startups. But check the maths is right for your product and your customers.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

5 Middle-of-the-Funnel Content Ideas for B2B Marketing Automation

After lead generation, B2B marketers need to nurture those leads. Good content suggestions: case studies, video, buyer’s guide, and FAQs.

Marketing Automation vendors: revealing strengths and weaknesses

Marketing automation is a battleground for software vendors, with many players attacking from different directions. Hubspot is worth a close look, even if not listed by top analysts.

Marketing’s Top Priority Is Not Lead-Gen

John Fox makes a passionate plea for marketers to not just focus on lead generation. They should be helping the full customer lifecycle,

4 Steps to Creating Buzz on a Shoestring Budget

Anyone can throw lots of money at marketing. To be effective 1) figure out who your target audience 2) where to find them when they will be most receptive 3) provide the content / message / offer to grab their full attention.

14 Ways to Promote Your Latest YouTube Video

Lots of ways to get more visibility for your YouTube videos.

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