Software Marketing Tweetables 12 March 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

What’s wrong with the project approach to software development?

Software is traditionally developed (and implemented) as projects, creating batches of work by teams in silos. Flow-based methodologies offer higher success rates with multi-disciplinary teams delivering “smaller batches of stakeholder value”.

Don’t Treat Software Development as a Project #ProdMktg

Inbound Internet Marketing Blog

Landing pages are so frequently subjected to rigorous A/B testing that several best practices have repeatedly been proven to outperform other writing styles.

How to Write Great Landing Page Copy #ProdMktg

If you saw your competitor’s roadmap would it matter?

Instinctively we view our product ideas and roadmaps as treasures that must be protected from competitors at all costs. But the reality is that the ideas and plans themselves don’t make much difference.

Knowing what your competitors are up to is less valuable than it sounds. #ProdMktg

How Not To Sell Software in 2012

In 2012, buying online should be really easy. But for enterprise software, vendors put all sorts of hurdles in the way. So they can sell to you the way they want to sell NOT how you want to buy.

Sell Software by Getting out of the Way of Buyers Wanting to Spend £$ #ProdMktg

10 Useful Findings About How People View Websites

Eyetracking and research have studied how people look at websites. Here are 10 useful findings you can use.

How People View Websites #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Search versus Execute

Steve Blank’s new book is out. I just received my copy and he’s right. This is a full manual not just an update on “epiphany”. Lean Startup and Customer Development have grown up a lot over 10 years.

Steve Blank on how CustDev LeanStartup BMGen Agile all fit together #Startup

Create high fidelity prototypes in hours – 6 simple steps

If you want quick mock-up for a website or web app, but you need full high-quality graphics and layout. Here is a step-by-step guide using mainly free resources.

Create high fidelity prototypes in hours – 6 simple steps #Startup – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Very few startup launches or marketing materials are good enough to “go viral”. This is a rare example that is fun, compelling, and sells. The website is an excellent example of messages / design.

Our Blades Are F***ing Great #Startup

Why Early Stage Startups Should not Exhibit at Conferences

Even a “free” conference takes up a lot of time. For most early-stage startups it is not worthwhile exhibiting in-person unless the attendees are a perfect fit for for your initial target audience.

Why a Startup Should Not Exhibit at Conferences #Startup

How sheep-like behavior breeds innovation in Silicon Valley

Andrew Chen on the perils of “advice autopilot” – generic advice that is trotted in Silicon Valley regardless of the startup – just because it is the latest fad.

If you are innovating just like every Startup is that still innovation? #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The Blueprint for a Perfectly Testable Landing Page

Elements of a landing page dissected so that you can easily and repeatedly build great landing pages.

a Perfectly Testable Landing Page: #Software #Marketing

Three Secrets to Using Google Analytics for Measuring Your Website’s ROI

Most data from Google Analytics can be considered “vanity metrics” it will generally keep tracking upwards and make you feel good. Goals and advanced segments are useful ways to prove your website marketing is delivering results.

Three Secrets to Using Google Analytics for Measuring Your Website’s ROI #Software #Marketing

6 Indispensable Free & Freemium SEO Tools

Tools to help you on search engine optimization works. Free tools that can save you a lot of time collated by Kristi Hines.

Indispensable Free & Freemium SEO Tools #Software #Marketing

Has the Technology Market Left Its Marketers Behind?

Buying enterprise software has always meant long formal buying cycles involving IT and purchasing departments. But the consumerisation of IT is leading to these processes being by-passes and enterprise software vendors are not ready.

Has Tech Market Left Marketing Behind? #Software #Marketing

The Daily Egg

Just because your products are mainstream, everyday products does not mean your marketing has to be boring. It is an opportunity to help them stand out.

Websites For Boring Products #Software #Marketing

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