Software Marketing Tweetables 12 August 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Pricing lies we tell ourselves

Pricing is hard work. Customers in different markets will have very different expectations about what is a fair price. You have to correct pricing mistakes even if you upset old customers – plan carefully.

Build a Product with a High-Concept Problem

Start with a problem. At a high level what is the big problem you’re trying to solve? Never start with a product idea and then look for a problem to solve.

New User Experience

“If you want insane revenue growth, make your New User Experience insanely great”

Lean Product Development: How To Validate A Feature Idea In 5 Minutes

Adding dummy menu items is an effective way to measure whether users will use a new feature. This is even better – tell them you’re working on it and offer a signup to be notified. Great way to get beta users and feedback.

SaaS Pricing: Features that Make People Upgrade

Examples of features that tip the balance and get people to upgrade free > premium from Buffer, WebEx, and HelloFax.

5 Articles on Startups

Dial up: Why startups should use the phone

Almost no startups call up new users. It’s one way to show you are “prepared to go that extra” mile and an invaluable way to learn why people signup and how you can improve the onboarding experience.

39 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics Part 3/5: Retention

Build in features – especially email – to keep giving users reasons to return to your product and use it more frequently.

When the Minimum Viable Product is Not Enough

You can put something together that resembles a solution and helps you learn but that does not mean that is a minimum viable product.

7 Unlikely Recommendations for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Rand Fishkin offers advice from his Moz experience – challenging some widely held beliefs amongst startups.

An Interview with Andy Budd

Andy Budd is a designer and believes design is so important for startups that they need to bake design into the culture of the company and a have a designer as a co-founder.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

6 Ways to Accelerate a Long B2B Sales Cycle

Slow sales cycles is probably the biggest shock if you are new to the enterprise market. Invest time learning how each customer goes about buying from start > end.

Driving SaaS Growth Through The Customer Lifecycle

SaaS growth will naturally and predictably slow down as you grow. Of course you need to aim to reduce customer acquisition cost and churn, but remember to work on increasing customer lifecycle value too.

Building a Brand On Customer Service

If you see customer service as a necessary evil, something to shove off the most junior members of your team then you’re missing an opportunity. Great customer service helps you learn about your customers, how to market to them and turn those customers into evangelists – your own unpaid marketing machine.

Is Launch Dead? Why Investors Care Less About Your Media Blitz

Producing a steady stream of content marketing is far more valuable than the vanity of a one-off PR blitz.

Are These 6 Stupid Blog Mistakes Costing Your Business New Leads?

So you have a blog for your business – but is it really helping you drive business. Mistakes to avoid.

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