Software Marketing Tweetables 11 March 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Freemium Isn’t for Everyone

Sean Ellis has been a keen advocate of using freemium models to disrupt competitors and leverage viral growth. So it is ironic that he’s decided that freemium is not right for his latest startup.

A Better way to Name a Company

Always be testing. How to use a scientific experiment to decide which name on your short list is ‘best’.

How Am I Going To Move My Product Forward Today?

Faced with overwhelming to do lists, endless meetings, busy work? Tips on how daily prioritization helps you focus and improve your estimating.

Why Product Management Is Broken And What To Do About It

Jim Anderson uses curling as an analogy for product management. Instead of directly “managing” a product, product managers have to sweep obstacles out of the way so products reach their potential.

How to hire a product manager

When hiring product managers look for smart people with a technical background, and can be the advocate for whoever is not in the room – especially the customer.

5 Articles on Startups

A Beginner’s Guide To Public Relations For Tech Startups

PR is not necessarily helpful until you are ready to scale, but you can’t just switch it on. You need time to nurture the relationships and trust.

Software-as-a-Service: The Dirty Little Secrets Of SaaS

SaaS solutions are very new and immature for most large enterprises. They offer great individual solutions but as the number of SaaS solutions proliferates the number of integration points increases exponentially. A tough problem just ripe for a startup to take on.

Customer Development: Interviews vs. Focus Group

Focus groups may seem like an efficient way to perform market research. But results are distorted by group-think and you will learn much more about what people really want by talking one-to-one. Then when patterns repeat you know you are onto something.

Should you turn into a hacker to do a startup?

In any startup, there is always essential work for non-programmers to do. Especially customer development experiments.

New Social Media Startup Launches, Shuts Down Within 45 Minutes

The Onion rips into the startups scene. Portaying a startup that launches and dies in 45 mins. 🙂

5 Articles on Software Marketing

The One Email That Belongs in Every Autoresponder Sequence

Autoresponder series should focus on education, providing value. But the purpose is to ask for a sale, so explicitly ask for that sale after you have built up trust.

7 Ideas for More Effective Cold Calling

Cold calling has been an effective way to generate business for some people. Here are some tips on making the calls more effective and semi-automating the process of who to call.

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition

A very comprehensive resource, with lots of advice and tips on demand generation and conversion.

Your Guide to Creating Award-Winning B2B Video Content

“95 percent of B2B tech buyers now watch tech-related videos” content should be short and focused.

Why converting customers is like dating: it takes time to earn trust

Typically customers won’t buy on their first visit. Get them to signup for content (autoresponder), build up trust and then ask for the sale.

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