Software Marketing Tweetables 10 December 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

3 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate With Images [Case Studies]

Images help marketers establish broad context, empathy, and emotional response in a split second.

Lies that Losers Tell

First be brutally honest with yourself. Self-deceit can help us feel good about ourselves but is harmful in the long-run. You need to be honest to learn and improve.

The importance of startup momentum

Don’t believe in mythical launches where a PR blitz firmly establishes a successful startup. The reality is a long steady stream of hardwork, you need to learn as you proceed and you need momentum – not a spike.

What Pricing Strategy Beats Discounts?

Studies repeatedly show that we do not respond logically to price discounts. 50% more outperforms 35% cheaper despite the second option being cheaper.

Startups: Forget Everything Except Customers

Startups have a huge advantage over large enterprises, they care far more about their small community of customers. Product managers in large enterprises can take the same approach with key segments of customers. Note “key” does not necessarily mean the ones who pay the most.

5 Articles on Startups

5 Ways to Raise Money Without Giving Up a Share of Your Company

VC-funding seems attractive for entrepreneurs dreaming of massive success, but comes with a big price tag – loss of control and time. The ideal source of funding is organic i.e. your customers.

I Knew I Had a Great Idea When…

Successful entrepreneurs look back and reflect on when they know their startups would succeed. The key moments were based on customers, not external funding.

Entrepreneur’s Greatest Struggles

Infographic on challenges facing startups. Main challenge is consistent since 2008, the need to increase sales.

The History Of #LeanStartup (and how to make sense of it all)

Salim Virani provides an excellent summary of how the lean startup movement has developed over recent years and how it brings together multiple related disciplines – who used to think they had nothing in common.

Case-Study: How A Scrappy Bootstrapped Team In The Middle Of Nowhere Used Lean Startup To Achieve Startup Success

Startup founder Garrett Moon, describes his journey and how his startup has succeeded by learning how to learn. And building that learning into their product and keeping the build > measure > learn loop ticking round.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Why Marketers Will Rule the World

Marketing is rapidly evolving away from a creative “art” to a technology-enabled fact-based science. The roles of CMO and CIO are now much closer, who should dominate – the marketing technologist?

8 Changes to Google AdWords in 2012 You Shouldn’t Miss

Google keeps improving AdWords (and finding ways to increase revenue from advertisers): Shoppings ads; better targetting; automatic ads based on your site’s content; enhanced site links, mobile, video… and many more.

Write the Best Titles for Content Marketing: A 10-Point Checklist

The importance of headlines is well known. Here’s a checklist to help you improve your headlines.

10 Tested Tips to Improve Ecommerce Conversions Without Going Broke

Quick overview on how marketers should convince people to buy online: build trust, reduce friction, and maintain focus.

A Marketers Guide to Selling Your Mobile App (Without Apple)

Contrary to popular belief, you can sell mobile apps without the major app stores. You’ll need to build your own web site and do your own marketing – here’s how.

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