Software Marketing Tweetables 10 June 2013

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

How I Grew Plugin Sales By 21% By Increasing Prices

Freemium is a vital part of the WordPress plugin market as is the definitive source for free, and only free, plugins. But even here, a plugin developer found he could significantly increase revenue by increasing prices.

Sneak Peek: Moz Analytics Dashboard

Moz (formerly SEOMoz) have put together a great product tour for an upcoming inbound analytics dashboard. Excellent design showcases lots of features quickly and clearly without the usual wall of text.

Converting Customers with the Right Message at the Right Time

Sending messages to users while they use your product is a great way to reach them at the right time – as they experience value or in this case as they run into a problem that may prevent them moving forward.

Why Being First Doesn’t Matter

Being first in a market has major advantages and disadvantages. If you find yourself being a “snow plough” read this interesting article.

Babe Ruth and Feature Lists

A simple list of prioritized features can be completely misleading, when considering how much resource to allocate to each.

5 Articles on Startups

Don’t Count Your Users Like Sheep

Ash Maurya describes the problems with just treating users as simple numbers following a set process through a funnel. Instead of defining a set funnel he recommends user behaviour to see what types of users do which activities before they start getting real value.

Pivots, Pirouettes and Backflips

Dan Norris in his monthly report describes why he had to shut down 2 products he was passionate about so he could focus on the third. The B2B market may appear less sexy, but it is much easier to make enough money from a small number of businesses than trying to earn a living by scaling a technology product across thousands of paying consumers.

How is it even *my* company anymore if “the market” tells me what to do?

Founders should set a vision about where they want the company to go and what they enjoy doing. But you must listen to the market and selling solutions for real people’s real problems.

Startups: How to Storyboard your Pitch Deck in 10 Steps

Great technique for a team collaborating on building a critical slide deck. Decide purpose and flow for every slide before contents and way before touching PowerPoint.

New college grads: Don’t sell your time for a living

Most “wage slaves” yearn for freedom from cubicles, office politics, and bad bosses. Start your career by making stuff and not just selling your time.

5 Articles on Software Marketing

How to Create Marketing Your Customers Love

“Whether in product design or planning for growth & marketing, knowing your customer is the basis for everything else. You can’t create products your customers will love if you don’t know what your customers love, and you can’t excite your customers while you talk to them if you don’t know what excites your customers”

Flywheel Marketing for Software Companies

Create quality content for people wanting answers, wanting to learn how to do something. Never create content for SEO. Keep creating content, it’s a slow payoff but the returns accumulate and keep bringing in leads without further time and money.

5 Reasons Your Visitors Don’t Fill Out Your Contact Form

Tips to check for optimizing your contact forms.

Startup of the Week: Teddle

Great to see another startup from Salim Virani’s FounderCentric program doing well. Teddle turns a traditional business model upside down and get cleaners to pay them for clients.

Can You Really Earn a Living as a Freelance Writer?

Writing professionally is very different. Quality writers deliver copy that is original, effective, clear, and entertaining. It looks disarmingly simple – but it’s a whole different ball game from writing as a sideline.

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