Software Marketing Tweetables 04 June 2012

Catch up on last week’s favourite articles featuring useful insights and tips for marketing your software

5 Articles on Product Marketing

Where to Draw the Line

“The most important thing a product manager does is decide where their product stops and someone else’s product takes over.”

When shooting for a “simple product”, be careful where you draw the line. #ProdMktg

What Tech Buyers Want From Content

Analysis of tech buyer survey. Buyers want content that is relevant, fresh, and supported by facts.

What Tech Buyers Want From Content #ProdMktg

Are CFOs “large and in charge” of technology decision making? Gartner says Yes!

Gartner study shows CFO becoming more involved in IT purchasing. So software marketers should include more ROI / hard benefits and rely less on technology features.

Gartner: CFOs More Involved in Buying Tech #ProdMktg

Why Free Trials Don’t Always Make Sense

Free trials by themselves are not effective sales tools. They can work as a part of a well-managed marketing campaign. Consider using demo videos, a sandbox area, or “no-risk” signups as ways to convey how the software works and the value.

Free Trials / Freemium | Disadvantages & Alternatives #ProdMktg

The Naked Marketing Guide to Compelling Copy that Closes Sales

The best marketing is natural, clear, and open. Not contrived or gimmicky. For a valuable long-term relationship, show who you really are – and the value you offer.

Copy Writing that Appeals, Sexy but not about Sex #ProdMktg

5 Articles on Startups

Startups: it’s not all coding and design

“There is a mountain of work to be done beyond coding and design. Sales, marketing, and bizdev (each startup has their own mix) become critically important quite quickly”.

Startups: it’s not all coding and design #Startup

Know the difference between data-informed and data-driven

Strategy should not be based solely on data. You need a vision for what you are trying to achieve. Without a theory you’re testing, data relationships could be non-causal. And “data is often systematically biased in ways that are too expensive to fix.”

Why Data Should Not Determine Startup Strategy #Startup

LeanWagon Gets Lean with PowerPoint

Greg Rublev explains how he was accelerated Lean Startup learning by using PowerPoint to mockup product changes for user testing and feedback.

PowerPoint = Faster than Code LeanStartup Example #Startup

My Boss, the Six-Year-Old

Youngster at a startup weekend showing early entrpreneurial promise.

“Hi I’m 6. I am an entrepreneur” #Startup

The future of Lean Startup – 9 areas I’m watching for faster market traction

Salim Virani @SaintSal looks at what other disciplines startup founders should be looking to learn from.

The future of LeanStartup – 9 areas I’m watching for faster market traction #Startup

5 Articles on Software Marketing

Improving performance on

Interesting to read just how much engineering is involved in building and how they are improving load times for users.

Interesting insight into challenges faced by Twitter’s Engineers #Software #Marketing

20 lines of code that will beat A/B testing every time

Instead of A/B testing, where you split test subjects 50:50 and eventually declare a winner, this algorithm gradually uses the best option automatically.

Interesting Alternative to A/B Testing – Needs Some Simple Code #Software #Marketing

You Should Probably Send More Email Than You Do

Email is still the most effective method of business communication. It is no longer cool or modern, it is straightforward, reliable and effective. You should always try and get email addresses for potential customers. Always.

Is Your Startup Too Cool To Send Marketing Emails? Think Again #Software #Marketing

The BBC unveils its EU cookie law solution

The UK seems to be the first country actually implementing the EU “cookie” legislation. It is a tough decision for many UK companies who want to follow the law, but also want to be able to track website visitors.

The BBC unveils its EU cookie law solution #Software #Marketing

Tips for low-volume A/B testing

Giff Constable shares some tips on how A/B testing can help even if you only have a small sample size.

Tips for low-volume A/B testing #Software #Marketing

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