Software Marketing Review: MailChimp

See how other companies market their software. This is part of a series of reviews looking at examples of software product marketing: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”


MailChimp have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring

  • Customers can quickly and easily use their service
  • Prospects can quickly and easily understand the value of using their service

New visitors to MailChimp’s website can quickly understand what MailChimp does and how they could benefit.

Below is a screenshot from MailChimp’s home page. Let’s look at what works well and what doesn’t.

I have marked up

  • The Good
  • The Bad
  • The Ugly
Screenshot of MailChimp Home Page

MailChimp Home Page

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good. Great examples of software product marketing best practice

  • 1. When you visit MailChimp’s website, in just three words “Easy Email Newsletters” you learn what they do (email newsletters) and what the benefit is for you (it’s going to be easy).


  • 2. There are a lot of features like Anti-SPAM compliance, web services APIs, deliverability metrics, and tracking they could have included here.

    But quite rightly they excluded product features. Instead of writing about the product. It is all about what you can do.

    The writing is natural. It is written for you and together with the simplicity of the page design reinforces this is going to be easy.

  • 3. The graphics, the look and feel, the writing style and voice, they all convey that if you use MailChimp the experience is going to be fun.

    Psychologists tell us that buying decisions are based on feeling and that we use logic to retrospectively justify those decisions. Believing the experience is going to be fun and easy is a very positive feeling.

    So the last objection you might have is price—and you can sign up for free. How can you say no?

The Bad. Could be improved

  • I cannot think how this could be better. MailChimp have covered the value, benefits, and core features very succinctly using the right voice for their audience

The Ugly. Examples to illustrate what you should not do

  • Nothing ugly here

Best Practice

MailChimp’s software marketing certainly worked for me. I signed up and you can judge for yourself how it works by signing up for the Smart monthly newsletter.

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  • Do you agree – or am I flattering MailChimp?
  • What could MailChimp do to improve this?
  • Suggest any examples of best (or worst) practice for software product marketing

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