Software Marketing Review: Data Tracker for Auto Parts

See how other companies market their software. This is part of a series of reviews looking at examples of software product marketing: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Data Tracker for Auto Parts

The Data Tracker for Auto Parts product page has lots of text describing usage and features. The sheer quantity of text is daunting and website visitors will have to be pretty enthusiastic to read through it.  Would you read through all this?

Below is a screenshot from Data Tracker’s product page. Let’s look at what works well and what doesn’t. I have marked up

  • The Good
  • The Bad
  • The Ugly

Data Tracker Home Page (top)

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good. Great examples of software product marketing best practice

  • 1. Identifying target customers helps establish context.

    If you’re in that target audience, then it’s reassuring to know that:

    • You’re at the right place
    • This company will understand your specific needs and have specialized solutions

The Bad. Could be improved

  • 2. Describing how customers can use the software is valuable.

    But there is way too much text and the sentences are excessively long.

    You should edit text down to the most salient points, use bullets to breakup text and make it more scanable.
    Making it easier to read, means it’s more likely it will get read.

The Ugly. Examples to illustrate what you should not do

  • 3. Images would really help – but saying there are screenshots and not showing them is even worse then not having them.

  • 4. The start of this feature list is really weak. It’s repetitive, uninformative and doesn’t describe customer benefits.

But this has just been the top part of the page, this is what the full product page for data tracker looks like.

Data Tracker Home Page (full)

The Ugly. Examples to illustrate what you should not do

  • 5. Writing a long list of features may be tempting as a way to say “wow look at all the things this software does”. You might think it’s a good way to show your software is a full and comprehensive solution to meet all customers’ current and future needs.

    It isn’t. Customers are too smart to fall for that. They will see through this, they will quickly realize:

    • The list is padded with basic obvious functions e.g. “pull down menus”
    • The developer has not put time into prioritizing what’s important
    • It probably means the software’s not is not designed well for users

Worst Practice

Don’t be like Data Tracker and list out dozens of features. Make it as easy as possible for prospects to buy your software.

Keep your software marketing information focused on helping prospects understand what your software does and the benefits for them.

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  • Suggest your examples of best (or worst) practice for software product marketing

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