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Marketing a Dirty Word

Marketing is Not a Dirty Word

I am a marketer—guilty as charged. Marketing has a terrible reputation. I feel embarrassed and sometimes defensive when explaining that I “do marketing”. Marketing can seem sleazy and dishonest. And often it is. Does marketing deserve its terrible reputation? Should marketing be a dirty word? I converted, maybe you will too when you understand what […]

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Examples of Awful Software Marketing

10 Examples of Awful Software Marketing

      Or how to ensure visitors to your website do NOT buy or use your software in 10 easy steps. Conceal you’re offering software Disguise what your software does Hide useful screenshots or images Ensure any images are irrelevant Bury benefits beneath a landslide of features Mask beneficiaries and use cases Obfuscate with […]

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When Creating Software, Marketing and Engineering Disagree

“An engineer and a marketing guy walk into a bar…” You’ve heard the jokes. Marketing and engineering, especially software engineering are very different disciplines. And each discipline makes jokes at the other’s expense based on shallow stereotypes. But behind the jokes is a serious message for any software business. Engineering and marketing teams do not […]

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