10 Favourite Startup Articles of 2012

Throughout 2012, I shared hundreds of blog posts and articles on startup entrepreneurship, especially customer development, lean startup and metrics.

The 10 most popular (as measured by clicks) are


Building a Software Business on the Weekend

Dan Shipper has been coding since he was a kid. He has learnt not to be a perfectionist, build enough to see if people want it (MVP). “Are You a Perfectionist? Get Over It”


This is why entrepreneurs are idiots

If entrepreneurs were “sensible” they would be realistic, cautious, and play safe. Instead they are adventurous, optimisitic, ambitious, “idiots”.


Paul Graham’s Letter to YC Companies

VC funding can help accelerate your Startup. But “the best solution is not to need money. The less you need investor money, (a) the more investors like you, in all markets, and (b) the less you’re harmed by bad markets”


Don’t Think Big. There, I Said It.

Startups should be ambitious and disruptive. But simplicity is usually the key to success, not massive features for massive markets. Interesting article by Brant Cooper.


How to Discover Your Perfect Target Customer in 5 Steps

The most common marketing mistake is trying to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no-one.


Why Read It Later/Pocket Went Free

Read it Later used a freemium model. But realized their users get more value over time, so paying up front was not working.


Innovation teams need generalists

Early-stage startups don’t need the very best specialist designers, architects, engineers, marketers… To reach product-market fit “you need vision + talent + speed + adaptability”.


10 common UX mistakes startups

User Experience expert, Laurence McCahill lists out the most frequent UX mistakes made by software companies. Remember your software is only part of the experience. Consider the entire experience – every interaction and spend as much time as possible with real users.


9 Metrics to Help You Make Wise Decisions About Your Start-Up

If you have read Eric Ries’ “Lean Startup” you will know to avoid vanity metrics. Neil Patel clearly explains the most important metrics for a startup – although some won’t apply if you are not a SaaS-based company.


18 Startup Founders Share Their Lowest Moments Before Coming Out On Top

Great collection of stories from founders who all suffered serious setbacks before emerging with successful startups. Includes Buffer, Trunk.ly, Dan Martell, Brad Feld, Twilio, and Jason Cohen.

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