10 Favourite Product Marketing Articles of 2012

Throughout 2012, I shared hundreds of blog posts and articles on all aspects of software product marketing and product management.

The 10 most popular (as measured by clicks) are


The Conversion Rate Optimization Report – 2012 Stats [Infographic]

Get the balance right between spending money on acquiring traffic and converting it. Top tips to improve conversions: lots of focused landing pages, structured approach to conversion, and always be testing.


Ten reasons to launch before you are ready

Launch early to: find out what customers really want, keep focused, learn, and start marketing. “It’s usually a slow climb to success, and the sooner you get your idea out there the sooner you can begin that climb.”


The DNA of Product Management

To succeed as a product manager: 1) Also wear project manager and CEO “hats” 2) Seek collaboration, not necessarily consensus 3) “Be willing to stand up for what you believe, especially when you’re representing your users.”


The 5 Models Of Content Curation

Curating content is not just a way to help the best online content rise to the top, or to garner attention for the curator. By cataloguing and organizing content, curators are effectively creating an index to bring related content together.


Be human. Your customers will thank you.

Over-sanitized marketing is be effective. Don’t be sloppy, but show you’re human – it’s more authentic.


42 Rules of Product Marketing: Forget About Your Product

Forget about your product, focus on customers and how they benefit.


What Product Managers Do

What do you think a Product Manager does? Depends on who you are.


How to Use Behavioral Design for Boosting Conversions (Using The Fogg Behavior Model)

Fogg says behaviour requires: motivation and ability and trigger. So if you want a prospect to do something you need to motivate, make it easy to do, and the trigger is where you ask them to actually do it.


The Most Important Thing You Can Do At A Trade Show

At a trade show, you’re competing for attention. But too many vendors fail at the most basic step. Make it very obvious and very clear what your software does.


Have You Tried Talking To Your Customers?

Far too much time is wasted on internal arguments about what customers / users want. Your opinions and speculations are very likely to be wrong. Find real data points – even if it is just asking a few people.

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