10 Examples of Awful Software Marketing

Examples of Awful Software Marketing




Or how to ensure visitors to your website do NOT buy or use your software in 10 easy steps.

  1. Conceal you’re offering software
  2. Disguise what your software does
  3. Hide useful screenshots or images
  4. Ensure any images are irrelevant
  5. Bury benefits beneath a landslide of features
  6. Mask beneficiaries and use cases
  7. Obfuscate with technical jargon and acronyms
  8. Boast using pompous, bombastic, and confusing marketese
  9. Focus solely on existing customers
  10. Write for yourself

To be absolutely certain that no-one buys your software, follow all ten steps.

1. Conceal You’re Offering Software

Media Sign Pro Coffee not Software?
A great way to prevent sales is ensure website visitors don’t realize you’re offering software. Media Sign Pro are great at this, they even go so far as to look like they’re a coffee shop.

2. Disguise What Your Software Does

QueryShark is this software?
Research consistently shows that website visitors will only give your page eight seconds before they move on. So if you fill up your home page with text that talks about how features have changed, what other people think without revealing what your software does, they will soon be gone. QueryShark achieves this really well.


3. Hide Useful Screenshots or Images

Data Tracker No Images

All too often images clearly show how your software could be useful. The best way to avoid this is to fill your page with text like Data Tracker for Auto Parts does.


4. Ensure Any Images Are Irrelevant

Entropy non useful images

If you don’t have enough text to fill the page or feel you have to include images, then ensure the images don’t disclose how your software could help buyers. You could include aspirational images or like Entropy, you could show some packaging.


5. Bury Benefits Beneath a Landslide of Features

Sawtooth too many features

A patient website visitor could read through a few carefully chosen features and work out why they might want your software. Sawtooth Software reveals how you can prevent this, list 20-30 features without prioritizing or grouping and your software will remain safely unsold.

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